Another Unmarked Grave published in Down in the Dirt Magazine

Greetings, writerfolk!

My historical short story that explores the horror of the Holocaust, Another Unmarked Grave, has been published in Down in the Dirt‘s online magazine and will also appear in their August print issue. Check it out here or read on for the first few paragraphs

Another Unmarked Grave:

You wake to the sound of a German officer thumping on the door of your one-room shack.
You and your parents don’t have time to pack. The office doesn’t tell you where you’re going: he just drags you out into the freezing street. Rain spits down overhead.
Father tries to ask something, but the officer prods him in the back with his baton and tells him to get moving.
Worried and anxious, you wonder if you’re going to be alright.
You are led down the road to the town square. The houses, small and decrepit where you live, grow bigger and newer. The rain increases in force.
The streets are as empty as a graveyard. When you see someone, they dart away, keeping their head down. Your unease grows.
The rain changes from a gentle patter to a growing roar. It beats down overhead, turning the street to mud.
You reach the muddy town center.
Outside the Mayor’s three-storied house are dozens of people, crying and wailing as they are loaded into German trucks.
The trucks are old and plain. Sagging tarpaulins stretch over decrepit wooden frames like shrouds, forming a semi-enclosed space on the vehicle’s back tray. The truck’s tires are crusted with mud and only one has both mirrors intact.
But what unsettles you most is the fact that the people being loaded into the trucks have the Star of David on their chest.
They are all Jewish, like you.

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