Editing Tip # 3: Change your Font to see your Story through Fresh Eyes:

The key to editing lies in being able to read your work with fresh eyes. You can attain emotional separation and thus objectivity in several ways and I’ve written about one possible method before.

However, there’s a ridiculously easy way to boost your objectivity, which is so ridiculously easy that I am likely to be discharged from the Shadowy Cabal of Writers for disclosing such a secret. Prepare your soul, writer, for this tip:

change your font.

I told you it’d be easy, didn’t I? Changing your font is as simple as selecting your entire document (ctrl+A on windows) and selecting a different font. Sorry, longhand writers, but this is sadly not an option for you. Unless you pay a small child to copy your manuscript using their patented Crayon Scribble Font.

Choose a readable font that’s different enough from your original font. After staring at the same font for however many hours it took you to hammer out your first draft, seeing your story in a different font will make it seem like someone else has written it. This will provide you with objectivity and let you see your story through an impartial lens.

So there. A super simple editing trick that takes 5.3 seconds to do and can radically alter your perception of your story. Go forth and edit with objectivity!

Have you ever tried this trick? Can you think of other easy ways to gain objectivity? I’d love to hear your input!


3 thoughts on “Editing Tip # 3: Change your Font to see your Story through Fresh Eyes:

  1. Great advice, Jed — I second it! Anything a writer can do to get a fresh perspective on his material, whether it’s changing fonts, reading a hardcopy (versus yet another onscreen once-over), or even proofreading/editing in a different space from where you do the actual writing — any and all of it is beneficial. There are indeed ways to “trick” your eyes into seeing the work from a new perspective (though eventually outside feedback will be necessary).

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