Want to read my story’s 1st draft?

In a recent post, I mentioned how Critique Circle is a great way to get feedback on your stories. I’ve currently got a short story up on the site, titled Androids Can’t Play Catch. If you want to read it (and help me improve it), I’d be ever so grateful!

Check out the story here.

You’ll need to create a free Critique Circle account to view the story. Also, the story will only be up on the website until 13th September, so get in quick!


Fight of the Cargo Hauler published in The Scarlet Leaf Review!

When pirates board her spaceship, an overweight, middle-aged cargo hauler must use her wits, inventiveness and knowledge of B-grade action movies to survive.

Fight of the Cargo Hauler is a 4400-word sci-fi short story, and has been published in The Scarlet Leaf Review’s May 2017 issue. Check it out here (for free!) or keep reading for an excerpt. I’d love to hear any feedback you’ve got, so feel free to comment below!

Fight of the Cargo Hauler:

Christina Everett’s day went downhill when the yellow light flashed on her spaceship’s dashboard. Groaning, she eased her bulky backside out of the pilot’s chair. She shuffled out of the cockpit, not bothering to grab the holochart with directions to the faulty boiler.
Yellow wasn’t too bad. It didn’t mean Christina’s cargo hauler was in mortal danger – not like when it flashed red. Yellow just meant minor repairs. More damn repairs. She’d spent most of her six-month trip tightening screws, replacing fuses and wishing TransCorp hadn’t given her a spaceship that had been old at the start of last century.  Continue reading “Fight of the Cargo Hauler published in The Scarlet Leaf Review!”

Another Unmarked Grave published in Down in the Dirt Magazine

Greetings, writerfolk!

My historical short story that explores the horror of the Holocaust, Another Unmarked Grave, has been published in Down in the Dirt‘s online magazine and will also appear in their August print issue. Check it out here or read on for the first few paragraphs

Continue reading “Another Unmarked Grave published in Down in the Dirt Magazine”