The Aeon Academy


Wayne Holtan is a 12-year-old orphan too loyal for his own good. After he picks a fight with a bully and lands up in hospital, he’s shocked to discover he has superhuman abilities, and is offered a place at a secret superhuman school.

When two thieves pull of a series of daring heists, it’s up to Wayne and his new friends to catch them before they destroy the medical company that saved him as a child. But with the police failing to capture the elusive thieves, can Wayne and his team do any better?

I’m currently working on The Aeon Academy’s fifth draft. You can read the first chapter here:

Chapter One: The Hole in the Floor

I’d appreciate any feedback on my synopsis and first chapter. Don’t be afraid to be harsh (or tell me when I’ve forgoten my own writing advice!) as flattery won’t improve it!